Yesterday's Waistcoated Pirates!

All aboard the Quiltbadger Airship


by rainbowliciouswriterlicious

Issa’s Thoughts
I opened my eyes just a moment ago. I don’t know where I am. Somebody help me I don’t know where I am! My head is in an awful pain and no matter how hard I try I cannot stand or move much at all for that matter. I think I may be bleeding quite a bit as well. I keep wishing that the crew would come and get me, bring me back to the ship perhaps, so I could see them all again. How much I miss them. They probably think that I am dead, and will not bother to come looking for me. Though soon they might be right, for I don’t know if I shall bleed to death, and even if I didn’t, I would soon die with no beverage or food to preserve my life. I can almost feel my body starting to want to give up, and I almost want to let it, so I don’t have to feel the pain. I am terrified, I don’t know where I am , or how long I shall live, or if I’ll die here alone and no one shall ever find me. The crew will find another musician soon enough if they think that I am dead, they won’t think to at least come and look..its probably for the best. I feel so tired, so sleepy, it won’t hurt to close my eyes will it?



by orphu44

Issa might die. I don’t want to write this journal, I don’t want to be a stupid, official explorer, but someone suggested that writing would help and I don’t know how I’d do anything else. I can’t think. How can writing, how can this help? I don’t see how this will calm me and even less do I see how this will help Issa.
I don’t want her to die. I want her to come back, right now, I want to listen to her music and close my eyes and just lose myself to the song. And even more than I want to listen, I want her to just play. I don’t care if I don’t get to listen, I don’t care if she plays so quietly I can’t hear it from right next to her. I want her to play music. Music would mean life.
My mind’s still jumping all over the place, I wish I had something to do with my hands. Not writing, writing doesn’t count. Something like building or brewing medicines. I don’t feel properly alive. I didn’t mean it, that was stupid, stupid of me to write that when my life isn’t in danger. For the moment, I mean.
It’s because of pirates, by the way. I should probably say that, for stupid posterity’s sake. I hate them. We weren’t like that. They should be the ones to give up piracy, not us. We were better at it. If we’d stormed the Quiltbadger, we wouldn’t have killed Issa. I know we wouldn’t have.
The Former Pirate Ruth

From the log of a pirate/ Issa

by rainbowliciouswriterlicious

The captain’s gone off with a group o’ the others to go and get the rest of the hostages… we’ve ungagged and blindfolded the musician… another guy started talking to her…but shes seeming to get a little upset….as is the other…he hit the musician…she’s screaming out insults now…maybe it was a mistake to ungag her….he’s lost it…he shoved her…..

That was one of the most horrifying thing I’ve ever seen..her eyes went wide with fear when she realized she was falling….and she let out a scream… said somethin that soinded a bit like “tell Skylexa” the Skylexa part ina loud earpiercing shriek nd then she was gone…

Captains stormed up here….Captain says that oncethey get  them hostages up here, we’ll go see if she survived the fall..if so, we’ll make her walk again, see if one of them hostages some how saved her…or if she’s gone…

They seem to be bringing up some of them hostages now..I better go n help..


I fell…I fell off the ship…and I screamed…and I fell for what felt like forever. Why does being dead hurt so much? Am I dead? Will they ever find me? I don’t know…I want to sleep though…I’m so tired…

A Pirate’s Log: Page Two

by t

‘Day.  I’ve had a convers’tion with one of the girls we capt’red.  I said I’s sorry I’d pointed out their ship and got ’em all into this mess, an’ she got mad, then I asked ‘f there was anythin’ I could use to d’stract me crew so’s she could rescue ’em or somethin’ and she told me ’bout a fire-breathin’ dragon automatoman.  Now that’s somethin’ worth havin’ on a ship.

So I went off t’ get the dragon– Precious, her name is– and’ve come back with what’s probaly a broke nose, a few bite marks, and innumeral scratches.  That dragon bites somethin’ fierce.

But I managed t’ get her out of the… whatever that place’s called, and now… well, I need som’one who th’ creature don’t hate to help me get her to attack me crew.  An’ I can’t be seen doin’ it or I’ll be labeled mut’nous.  Which I s’pose I kind’f am right now.

An’way, I’m off to go talk to the people in th’ holdin’ cell.  Seems they might be able t’ help me.

We’ve just got t’ do this fast.  There’s less ‘n an hour b’fore the musician, I think, walks th’ plank. 

-Edmund Hawthorne

Issa’s Diary

by rainbowliciouswriterlicious

Please deliever this to the crew of the Quiltbadger
Goodbye, Quiltbadger crew. I have only perhaps a half hour before i shall walk to my demise… they ARE talking about letting Zara and (most) of the rest of you go though.. so it shall be fine with me to die to save you. Please don’t cry over me or mourn me at all.. this is what’s right for me to do. This is my duty to you all… for taking me in..  Now..they promised me they’d deliver this to you, but… I’m not certain… I shall miss you all deeply whenI  leave…but so is life..and I shall have died a fairly decent death.
This isn’t goodbye…

The Log of Madeline Granlund, Officer

by littlemarais98

…But if you ever call me Madeline, I will poison you in your sleep. I go by Maddie. 21. The Quiltbadger’s chemical engineer, which is really just a fancy way of saying I like to mess around with various poisons and explosives. I’m also a reformed pirate, as is everyone else aboard this ship. Shame, that. I enjoyed pirating. I really don’t like the nasty pirates that are currently occupying our ship. Something needs to be done about them.

Currently I am below decks with Lexa and about a dozen others. We’ve received word that Zara’s about to walk the plank, with Issa possibly soon to follow. The guards still haven’t returned. No word from the captain, or any of the others, for that matter. I fear the worst. Lexa and the others in the cell are terrified by this point, and I don’t blame them. I’m rather scared meself. But I can’t let that get in the way.

I had various spare parts in my pockets when they locked us in here, as well as the hairpins and gunpowder I always keep on me. One never knows when they might need a sudden explosion. With the help of the hairpins I have picked the lock on our cell door. Now we’re trying to formulate a plan as to how to rescue the others and recapture our ship. Likely our plans will fail, but we have to try. I suppose our first action should be to see where everyone else has gotten to. There’s strength in numbers, after all.

We now set out from the cell in the hopes of winning over the Quiltbadger. We are all very afraid, and very desperate. I would not doubt if my first log entry became my last.

Maddie, Resident Chemical Engineer

How Not To Fight A Pirate (Maria’s Log)

by magicfishy

Well, I put up a good fight, at least. But in the end, they had swords, and I only one wrench.

I had waited until the pirate captain had gone to take care of some business (Zara? Who can say?). She had left guards. I had a wrench. At first, it seemed as though I might stage some heroic rescue after all. But then, I was out numbered.

After I had managed to get past the mess hall’s door, the pirates were upon me. The captain had left guards, and they were bloody good ones. I believe that I managed to knock one of them unconscious, and the second I hit in a more… Sensitive place (he’ll be feeling that one for a while). But the next two managed to hold me, and then it was done.

I’ve been carted off to the holding cell with the rest of the crew. No more special treatment for me. I’m not completely sure what this means, but perhaps this last little escape attempt means that I’ve lost value to the pirates, despite me status. Bugger it all.

Anyways, I’ve managed to reunite with many of the others. No word on Zara, but perhaps that is a good thing. Issa’s been taken by those bloody pirates, they think. Private Natalie and Lavender are missing, as is Freddie (pity; he’s told me he’s a good lockpick) and some others. No word’s come on any of them since I’ve arrived. I don’t know what’s happened to Anne.

We’re in a bit of a sorry state now, even my mechanics. We don’t know what’s to happen to us, but hopefully this won’t be my last word on the matter. Panic’s beginning to set in. There’s tears from some, especially with the ambassador’s… Message.

Zara, Freddie, Issa, Natalie, and all the rest… Please be all right.

– Maria Clarke

We are frightened and alone (Private Natalie)

by hornetunderwater

Lav and I are in hiding. There’s someone on the ship. The engines are growling like Quiltbadger itself is frightened. The door is locked behind us, no one knows that we are here. But I am so afraid.

We were in the lavatory. The broken-down one the size of a shoebox that they keep Precious’s spare parts in sometimes. Lav likes to do her makeup in here because it takes her the better part of an hour, all of the paints and powders. I like to watch. It’s such a tiny place, I can only fit my my head cramped under the sink and my knees coiled in the pipings. Lav would step around me to reach her stockings. She’s so vain sometimes. I love her.

And then the shouting. The shouting and the scrambling and something about a plank… we’ve locked the door behind us. We’ve been in here long enough that we’re both thirsty, sweaty, I haven’t stood up in hours… and I am so afraid.

If I had my gun I would break down that door and go running in. Issa would have to know a heroic song because I would save the day, I could do it, I know I could. Lav believes in me, she thinks I’m brave. I learned in the sky-navy how to be brave. But I don’t have a gun. And I am so afraid.

What if they’ve already been killed? The Ambassador, and Crazy Captain Anne. Little Skylexa. I think about them falling and falling from that plank of wood, through the wide blue sky… Lav is holding my hand. I can’t even picture it. We’re locked in a tiny rusting bathroom with no water or hope and my friends might be dead. Didn’t I run from the sky-navy for glory? What glory is this? Hiding in a bathroom, afraid and unarmed. What must they think of me.

Lav’s tugging at my hand. She has an idea. The old bucket of tools… Precious’s spare engine… the pipes on the walls.

Lav has a screwdriver, a lighter, and half a jar of gasoline. I have a sawed-off pipe end and what I’d like to say are caltrops but really they’re just nuts. This is what I was trained for, this is what I’m supposed to know.

I am a hero, a savior, a frightened Private hiding in a bathroom with her ninety-pound lover. We have no true weapons and we’re going to save the day. I am so afraid. We’ve unlocked the door. What must they think of me.

Issa’s (hopefully not) Final Words

by rainbowliciouswriterlicious

Found on a bit of spare parchment, tear stained and with large ink blots.

I’m trembling in my boots as I scrawl this on the nearest thing I can find. I’m in Captain’s old quarters, where the pirate captain is now temporarily quartered. The captain hasn’t come back yet…but there’s a foul mouthed guard watching me… and he quite agrees to what I said about exchanging my life for Zara’s. I can only hope that it shall work…I sure do hope that the pirates won’t make the rest of the Quiltbadger crew watch my death. For I am sure it won’t be pretty. In case these really are my last words… I have some things to say, although I’m sure the crew will never find this…
I love all of you so much…Thank you for taking me in…I much appreciate it..

Captain, thank you so much, for being a great Captain… Maria, you are one of the best engineers I have ever known; keep it up… are the best confident one could ever have… Thank you… Clara, keep up with your catographyness… Ruth…always use what you have… you have wonderful abilities… Genny…try to blackmail less…please? Natalie… you and Lavendar be happy together okay? And Zara… keep being the wonderful ambassador that you are… and you lovely crew…if you do happen to see any of my instruments…do throw them overboard will you? I hope that with this deed I shall be able to save you.. .because you are all quite important to me… for never doubting the quiet child that arrived to the Quiltbadger…thank you…
your humble servant,
Issa Rose Sacarlett

Oh gosh, the door’s opening…Hopefully I’ll save them all. Good bye quite possibly…lovely crew, lovely boat, lovely world…

A Quick Note From Skylexa

by littlemarais98

Found written in a hasty scrawl in her log, along with several small blotches that caused the ink to run

Oh God, if you’re out there, send us help. I do so hate to ask for help, but we are in desperate need of it.

Zara’s slated to walk the plank. Who knows? Maybe she already has. There’s a dreadful thought. The pirate Captain (who is a woman, as it turns out; the beefy man was just the first mate) informed us of this most recent development. I nearly started crying when she got to Zara’s message for me. Nearly. It’ll do no good to cry.

Issa has been taken. “Has been taken.” That certainly is an ominous phrase. She got angry at our pirate guards over Zara, and now is being taken to the pirate Captain in a heroic attempt to save her. Now I know why the heros always die in the old fairy tales. I really hope the story of the Quiltbadger doesn’t become like one of those old fairy tales.

We’re all spread out. Most of us, I included, are in the holding cell. The pirate Captain’s holding our most valuable officers, and the rest are spread out among the ship. I hope they know to stay hidden. They should at least save themselves if they can’t save the rest of us.

I wonder where Precious has gotten to? She’d certainly be of use right now.

I wonder what it feels like to walk the plank. Not pleasant, I imagine.

I wish I could have regained my memories.

Maddie’s going to try to pick the lock while our captors are out delivering Issa to her (hopefully not) doom. But what then? Where can we hide? What can we do to take back our ship?

Eternally yours,